Petal Panic is a 64x64 maze game made for LOWREZJAM 2016, featuring a theme based on Japan's cherry blossom season. This has been created by jshxe and Lolly (also striving to get known for their team - sugar+) Being our first released game, we weren't quite finished with polishing up, however, we are excited to hear feedback from players and developers alike. Really, please leave comments and constructive criticism!


It's spring time and all the cherry blossoms are in bloom, ready for the upcoming festivities. Hana is in charge of cleaning up the prefectures that have been littered with cherry blossoms petals, the doing of pesky ghosts in the area. Now, Hana is asking for your guidance to help her clean everything up!

Instructions and Game Controls

The aim of the game is to clean up every map (otherwise known in-game as a prefecture) of the petals, then reach the end point (the ghost) you will then be directed to an additional bonus game in which you collect petals falling from the tree.

Character Control and Box Selection = Arrow Keys

Box Select and Text Progression = Space / Hold Space



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Nice little game. I like the artwork. Would be nice if there was a bit more challenge - like something to avoid/ attack. There was a bit too much text as well. Took too long for me to get to the game itself.

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Thank you for your advice! We want to release a polished and complete version later on. :)

- jshxe